Respite Care

Maine Parkinson Society has long recognized the need for quality respite care in the Parkinson community and is pleased to offer a program to extend in-home respite care to any interested caregiver of a person with PD. MEPS respite funds are intended to ease the caregiving process and reduce caregiver stress.

To gain access to our respite care funding, a care recipient must be diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and be in need of assistance at home. Respite care is intended to be temporary in nature and serves as a short-term opportunity for caregiver rest and relief from their responsibilities.

How It Works

  • The caregiver chooses a bonded respite care provider.
  • The care recipient completes an application and confidential interview with a MEPS advocate. To be accepted into the program, the recipient must hold a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease with impairments that necessitate supervision.
  • Special requests and circumstances will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by our respite care committee.
  • Final decisions may be appealed to the President of Maine Parkinson Society.


  • The program is reimbursement-based, meaning the caregiver pays for services and is reimbursed upon submission of receipts up to an approved annual limit.
  • Funding requests will be reviewed in the order in which they are received and prioritized based on urgency.
  • The care recipient may not be eligible for other programs that fund respite care services.
  • Respite reimbursement is contingent upon the availability of funds. In determining how limited funds are used, priority will be given to care recipients whose caregivers did not access MEPS funds in the previous year.

If you are interested in being placed on our service list, please complete our printable respite care application below and either mail or fax us. Head to our contact page here!

If your application is approved, Maine Parkinson Society will contact you to initiate care services.